Australia : Lets talk about emojis

August 2016 – Emojis are a new form of the english language, we are rapidly evolving our words into visual communication across the web. It’s an important change which brands need to begin to tune in to because emojis reflect the pulse of a nation. We have been having fun with our emoji tracker; have a look at some of the things we are observing:


These are the top 10 most frequently used emojis by Australians.



Here are the top emojis by state, which show some commonalities; any ideas why ACT uses broken heart a lot?Onmsg_EmojiTracker_2



Victoria also blitzes the others in terms of widest use of emojis, or emojicabulary as we like to think of it, living up to their literary/arty brand reputation.


We also found that most states and territories (except Queensland) have a set of emojis they uniquely get behind.


Finally it’s interesting to see who uses emojis the most frequently, it seems that Queenslanders are still coming to terms with visual expression 🙂