4 brand trust factors

Here is our ‘at a glance’ guide to building trust in social media:

The four critical filters for consumers when deciding, can I trust this brand?

  1. 100% Organisational transparency

    Consumers understand marketing and business way better than most marketers give them credit for. So, don’t pretend you are not in business to make profits and you don’t have challenges. You need to be completely open about every aspect of your business and demonstrate through total transparency you want to create a win for both the consumer and your need to create profits.

  2. Fight unfairness

    It used to be that only ‘challenger’ brands used this platform but today every brand is a challenger brand. Social media is highly effective in putting the spotlight on what is unfair with a category, product or service. Fighting unfairness can only happen when you understand what the consumer perceives as unfair. In our efforts to be highly creative we sometimes forget that brands need to solve problems not just show how clever they are.

  3. Hygiene factor competence

    If incompetence is your default position you will fail in social media. Every day we experience incompetence from brands, products and service. The lost paperwork, the offer that is better for new customers than long-term customers or the missed appointment time. Fail here and you will undo all your good work elsewhere to build trust.

  4. Benevolence

    Brands often pay lip service to this, making a random donation to charity, and thinking: job done. Actually benevolence is not just about a CSR program, it’s about good will and giving people the benefit of the doubt in small ways and big ways at every level of your business. Yes people lie sometimes, but a relationship is an investment with no certain return and even if some consumers take the piss, your default attitude should be all people are decent and honest. And are treated as such until proven otherwise.