Why do we lie?

We are exposed to an average of 200 lies per day according to the University of Massachusetts – many are to be found in social media

The big question is why do we lie in social media?

Our research shows there are nine key motivators:

White Lies (embellishment)

To gain approval of our social network

  • To manage our personal brand
  • To make a good story an amaaaazing story
  • Public ego stroking
  • Pollyanna syndrome: blind optimism

True Lies (deceit)

  • To get free stuff/ privileges from brands
  • To gain social power
  • Elevate your importance
  • To protect yourself
  • Unaware: self deception (this is very dangerous)

So in a world of complex white lies and true lies it’s critical that brands understand and focus on the factors that will get them believed and build trust. Trust is an elusive thing for may brands but it has real commercial return: more customers, more purchase frequency and bigger spend.