Why you always lying?

By Vanessa Hartley – Social Media Strategist, The Works

The days where we could hide behind our social media posts – portraying whatever story or ‘truth’ we chose while our friends unwittingly accepted – may be long gone.

So much so, that a video produced by internet sensation, Nick Fraser, which points the finger at those who embellish the truth, has now been viewed over 41 million times on Vine alone and has turned into a widely recognised meme. People are re-enacting Nick’s song & dance to call out their friends and family who are telling porkie pies… and are getting great pleasure in doing so.

The video, which asks the simple questions “Why you always lying?”, has featured on news sites & radio shows around the globe and has been reproduced and translated by Vine users in countries such as India and Mexico.

Nick has turned into a social media superstar overnight, and the success of his video can be attributed to the fact that so many people can relate… apparently we all know that one person who’s “always lying on what they own

You can find Nicholas Fraser on Instagram, Vine, Facebook and YouTube under the username @downgoes.fraser. 

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