Dr Suresh Sood talks brand storytelling

August 2016 – The top line findings of this Datafication Messaging Study helps professionals understand first hand where to invest time and resources for brand storytelling, marketing, and advertising when connecting with audiences in city locations across Australia. Two key cultural moments in social media inform our thinking as well as support the findings of this study.

Firstly, the increasing use of emojis  and awareness of stickers is gravitating us to the emotional web, another layer atop social media interactions. This helps machines determine sentiment with greater accuracy.  Snapchat is changing culture through linking identity and emotion with selfies. This is not new but a continuance of expressing oneself  through the power of myth as expressed by Joseph Campbell, Jung and Shakespeare.

Secondly, the psychology of social media is evolving from highly public interactions to intimate content engagement, chats, and gaming with close friends and family circles. It’s no longer just about social networks and feeds. Instead, marketing and advertising professionals have to think hard about finding their way into the phone address book of the consumer and connect via the social services of WhatsApp and Snapchat. Furthermore, the popular Asian messaging apps of Wechat and Viber are impacting the entire landscape. The way ahead is a world of content embracing emojis and stickers in a world of dark social (content sharing in messaging apps). Finally, the success and mystique of Kik is awaiting further opportunities.