Are you ready?

August 2016 – This is one of our favourite insights from this data set, it’s very clear that we are about to inherit a mainstream audience who see messaging apps as a basic hygiene factor for communicating with brands. We call it a Messaging Wave (or M Wave) that will wash through marketing and customer service in the coming 24 months. For example 54% of 15-19 year olds Australians see messaging apps as their primary communication weapon of choice.

If Australians are spending more time on messaging apps, then they must either be sleeping less or using other communication channels less. It’s clear the latter is true (we are already sleep deprived as a nation). Take a look at the channel steal data below which shows what we are doing less of as a result of our love affair with messaging apps.

These are sobering stats and hopefully will make you stop and think about the future of communications and customer service in a new way. It’s an exciting new era and will be a challenge for all brands to stay relevant and evolve.