01 / What is Datafication?

Welcome to the world of datafication, a place where data is brought to life through story telling and creative communications techniques. With datafication, data is no longer dry.

02 / The Story So Far

First came twitter map, the original study of twitter usage in Sydney but that wasn't enough for The Works. In 2011, we undertook the first ever national data study of twitter usage in Australia.

03 / Australian Twitter Story

For the first time, Australian usage of twitter has been recorded, analysed and datafied. We no longer have to rely on American or UK stats and information. Welcome to the story of twitter in Australia.

04 / Online Behaviour

Jung was a very clever man, his archetypal study of different types of people has allowed marketers to understand and connect with groups of people for years. What happens when you use Jung's archetypes to study online behaviour of Australians?

05 / The Research

How is it possible to categorise Australians online behaviour? Why is it important to do so? What are the benefits for marketers? Will this kind of research drive connectivity between a consumer and a brand?